Advanced Pitching Camps

In the majority of baseball games, the pitching position is the difference between winning and losing. The Batter’s Box has developed some of the top pitchers in the state for many years. We teach A-Z mechanics, with the focus on THINKING, as opposed to just throwing. Concentration is on fastballs and change ups first, then after your thirteen year old season we will begin to develop the breaking ball. The Connecticut Bombers, which is the Batter’s Box travel baseball program, boasts one of the top pitching programs in the nation. Good, solid mechanics will greatly contribute to the health of the arm, so the drills in this program are designed to maximize the entire body. Since pitchers cannot throw every day, these drills allow the young pitcher to work out on their own, without the use of a baseball.

  • 8 Week Program
  • Ages 11 to 17
  • January through March
  • Beginning January 3, 2022

Our Advanced Pitching Camps offers the average to above average player the opportunity and challenge to participate in an intensive training program designed to fit the needs of all pitchers as they prepare for the coming season through mechanical, mental and video work.

Mechanics: Pitching is mechanics first, then mental. Poor mechanics, whether they occur in the lower body or arm swing, will dictate the health and longevity of a career.

Mental Preparation: The key to a pitcher’s success. Our coaches will work with pitchers to develop the proper mindset they will need to be successful when they take the mound. Setting up hitters, working counts, the importance of knowing and learning a batter’s tendencies and weaknesses will be taught

Advanced Catching Camps

The most important position player on the field: leader of the game, and the coach on the field. Our Advanced Catching Camps offer the average to above average player the opportunity to learn the most important position on the field. Our catching classes breakdown all the following movements: receiving, blocking, throwing, positioning for throwing, footwork and pitch calling. These are all the attributes an advanced catcher needs to accomplish to be successful.

Catching Mechanics: Players will learn and work on the proper mechanics for all aspects of catching such as stance, positioning, receiving, blocking, throwing and giving signs.

Pitching Mechanics: All catchers should know pitching mechanics since they are the pitcher’s receiver.

Hitting Mechanics: Every catcher needs to understand a hitter’s mechanics to facilitate their ability to call the game.

AGES 11-13
Beginning January 3rd 2022
Mondays from 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Cost: $295.00
AGES 14-17
Beginning January 3rd 2022
Mondays from 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Cost: $295.00

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