Advanced Hitting Camps

Our hitting camps touch on all aspects of mechanics, with the 14-18 group, 80% of each session is spent working on hitting while the other 20% focuses on throwing The Monday night session for 8-13 year old is a full baseball camp that will focus on all aspects hitting, fielding and throwing. In season maintenance of the swing is as important as off season maintenance. You do not have to be an advanced hitter to attend the camps. It means that there is much more involved.

  • 8 Week Program
  • Ages 11 to 17
  • January through March
  • Beginning January 2, 2022

The Batter’s Box, Connecticut’s oldest and most successful baseball training center with over 30 years of training ballplayers, offers the best and most intensive hitting camp in the state. Our advanced hitting camp offers young players the opportunity and challenge to participate in an intensive training program that teaches and stresses the mechanics and fundamentals of hitting. We teach fielding and throwing during the classes. The program consists of mechanical work, video work and mental training.

Areas Covered (Mechanics)

  • Lower Body:
    The most important part of hitting is balance. Balance allows you to see the ball clearly. Balance also allows you to swing through the ball and allows for extension.
  • Swing:
    Learning to stay through the ball develops bat control and the ability to hit to all fields.
  • Eye Positioning:
    Teaching the eyes and the head proper movement for inside and outside pitches allowing the use of all fields
  • Mental Aspects:
    Teaching pitch selection through pitch counts and pitcher's patterns. This is the most important aspect of the game. We press the focus at each and every camp.
Video Taping
Each player will be supplied with a video and taped from 3 points, beginning, middle and end of the program. Instructors will use video equipment during each session for teaching.
Live Pitching & Machines
The Batter's Box has three live cages and machines that throw curves and sliders from both the left and the right.
Class Size
Maximum of 20 players with 4-6 Instructors per class
Age Brackets/Times
The Advanced Hitting Class meets for a 90 minute session each Sunday. Each class time listed below is a separate class. The following are the days and times that classes are offered for each age group. Each class will fill up, and to ensure a proper coach-to-student ratio, we do not allow students to jump from group to group. Please choose the day and time that works best with your schedule.
Class Size
Maximum of 20 players with 4-6 Instructors per class
AGES 11-13
Beginning January 2nd 2022
Sundays from 10:00am to 11:30am
Cost: $295.00
AGES 14-17
Beginning January 2nd 2022
Sundays from 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Cost: $295.00

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