Cage Rental Rates:

Call for booking (203)248-2398
Time Prices
30 Minutes $25.00
One Hour $45.00

Individual Lessons:

Our one on one lessons and clinics offer the best baseball and softball training in the state. Our pro, collegiate, and high school instructors provide the best training possible for hitting, pitching, catching, and speed and agility. Our programs are geared toward both the competitive as well as the recreational player. Our training has developed hundreds of players and has sent many to college on scholarships each year. Remember, when choosing an instructor always check their baseball background and the players that they have taught successfully.

Lesson Rates:

Call for booking (203)248-2398

Lesson Prices With Bob Turcio

Time Players Prices
30 Minutes 1 $50.00
55 Minutes 1 $85.00
5 X 55 Minute lessons $400.00
10 X 55 Minute lessons $750.00

Lesson Prices With Other Instructors

Time Players Prices
30 Minutes 1 $40.00
55 Minutes 1 $70.00

Group Lessons

Time Lessons Players Prices
1 Hour 1 Lesson 2 Players $95.00
1 Hour 5 Lessons 2 Players $425.00
1 Hour 1 Lesson 4 Players $140.00


Hitting, pitching and catching classes begin in November and continue through May. Classes are designed for advanced or intermediate players. We target all aspects of fundamentals in a group session.

Classes Include:

Advanced Hitting Class (Ages 9 through 18)
Advanced Pitching and Catching Class (Ages 9 through 18)
Advanced Throwing and Fielding Class (Ages 8 through 12)
Youth Fundamental Baseball Training (Ages 7 through 12)

4 Man Hitting Clinics:

The best value in clinics!

Set your own time session with your own group, or sign up to be part of another group. Group of 4: $120.00($30 per person for 1 hour)